Step 1: Condition Check
You will receive an automatic email from us notifying you that your product has been sold.
We will then need to proceed with our condition check of the product.
You will be notified through email to submit the images of the product for our condition check in your Seller Portal.

Step 2: Packed Item Condition Check
Once the condition check images have been reviewed by our team, you will be notified to proceed with the condition check if your packed product.
You will then need to submit the images of the packed product in your Seller Portal.
Click here to view the full details on the condition check.

Step 3: Prepare Product for Shipment
After the images have been approved, you will be notified via email to proceed to schedule a pick up and generate a shipping label for the product.
Click on the 'View Shipment Info' button in the email.

Please follow the steps below:
Fill in the shipment and collection information in your Seller Portal
Select and submit a pickup time
*Please note that you will need to be present at your pickup location during the pickup time.
Generate shipping label
Download and print the shipping label
Attach the shipping label to your package
Please click here for more details on how to print out your shipping label.

Step 4: We will notify you via email once your product is in transit, and you will be updated once it has been received.
You may prepare and submit your invoice for our processing in the meantime. For more details on how to submit your invoice, please click here.

On the ‘Sales’ page in your Seller Portal, each order will be updated depending on which step of the sales process you are on.

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