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Customer registers interest in your item:
You will receive an automatic email notifying you about the customer's request for the shipping cost of your item to their address.

You will be able to view the delivery address by logging into your account and clicking on the “Submit Shipping Quote” button provided in the email.

Provide shipping cost:
You will need to provide an accurate shipping cost (inclusive of packing/crating & transit insurance for the full product value) for door-to-door shipping from the item location to the customer's address. The customer will then decide if they would like to proceed with their purchase.

Condition Check:
If the customer confirms their purchase, you will be notified through email to submit the images of the item for our condition check in the following order.

Step 1: Item Condition Check
Step 2: Packed Item Condition Check

Once these steps have been reviewed and approved, you will receive the shipping details to proceed with shipment.

Please submit all images through your Seller Portal. Any images submitted through email or other means will not be accepted.

Ship to their address:
After we have approved the condition check of the packed images, you will be notified via email to ship the item to the customer’s address. Please use a professional art handler or recognised local or international courier to ship the item to their address and send us the shipment's tracking details! Click here to view the full details on the condition check.

You can submit the tracking details after the Condition Check by logging into your profile and clicking on the “View Shipment Info & Submit Tracking Details” button in the email.

On the ‘Sales’ page in the Seller Portal, each order will be updated depending on which step of the sales process you are on.

For Artists with Open Edition Prints

You will receive an automatic email notification

Send the high-resolution file of your work for us to organise printing

Please refer to our full Terms here if you're an individual Artist/Designer or if you're a Gallery for further details.
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