For Artists, Designers & Galleries

Customer registers interest in your item:
You will receive an automatic email notifying you about the customer's request for the shipping cost of your item to their address

Provide shipping cost:
You will need to provide an accurate shipping cost from the item location to the buyer's address. The customer will then decide if they would like to proceed with their purchase.

Ship to their address:
If they do proceed and check out, you will be notified and will then need to ship the item to their address.
Please use a professional art handler or recognized local or international courier to ship the item to their address, and send us the shipment's tracking details!

For Artists with Open Prints

You will receive an automatic email notification

Send the high-resolution file of your work for us to organize printing

Please refer to our full Terms here if you're an Individual Artist/Designer or if you're a Gallery for further details.
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