When you upload your artworks, you will need to tag at least 1 art style to your artwork. It is good to tag your works correctly so that they are featured in the relevant categories and are easily found. Here are some definitions of art styles on The Artling to guide you:

Abstract artworks are non-objective and non-representational. Abstract works use shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks, and do not represent subject matter, people, or things in reality.

Figurative artworks are any works that involve a strong depiction of figures in the real world, particularly the human figure or animals.

Geometric artworks are based on the use of geometric forms made out of points, lines, angles, and shapes. These geometric shapes can range from simple circles, squares, and triangles to more complex shapes.

Minimalist artworks include works that are created with basic, simple, and minimal visual elements. Some characteristics include a repetition of simple geometric forms, lines, or squares; using one or a few closely related colors.

Nature is an art style comprising artworks associated with the elements of nature such as landscapes, gardens, flora, and fauna, and other natural elements of the environment.

Pop art involves imagery associated with or extracted from elements of pop culture, such as advertising, music, comic books, and product packaging. Some characteristics of pop art include recognizable imagery; bold depictions; a bright color palette; and may include elements of irony, satire, and collage.

Portraiture can be broadly defined as a representation of the likeness, character, beauty, status, or characteristics of a particular person. These artworks may be literal, realistic representations or interpretive and symbolic.

Still Life
Still Life works are artworks that depict still or inanimate (non-living) objects. These objects could be man-made or natural objects such as food, flowers, household items, textiles, and so on.

Surrealist artworks are works that draw inspiration from the unconscious or subconscious. Surrealist imagery includes the portrayal of dreams, fantasies, and the unconscious mind; disregarded or found objects; the uncanny and unconventional; and irrational motifs.

Typography is an art style that uses an existing or a new typeface to arrange text to convey a message or create artistic imagery. Typographic works can also take on the shape of objects and figures.

Urban artworks are associated with the depiction of urban environments, involving imagery of city life, experiences, urban lifestyles, and spaces. Urban art may also include street or graffiti art.
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