An Engraving: A print made by the artist precisely incising into a metal plate using a slim metal tool to create an image.
An Etching: A print created through the application of acid onto the uncovered parts of a metal plate, ‘biting’ into the metal and creating the desired image.
A Screenprint: Also known as a silkscreen print, screenprinting uses a stencil and a piece of fabric stretched over a wood frame. Ink is then pushed through the fabric to create the image dictated by the stencil.
A Lithograph: A print created by the artist simply drawing on a stone or metal plate with a greasy crayon or pencil. The reverse image is then transferred onto the printing surface. An offset lithograph is when the original image is transferred to a rubber plate before being printed onto the final surface.
A Digital Print: A print that utilizes modern digital printers, as opposed to traditional printing press methods.
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