The Artling is a curated site, and all art and design pieces listed on the platform are carefully reviewed and selected by our team. We focus on working with both emerging and established artists and designers who have a verified CV, a track record of exhibitions, as well as recognition on a local, regional or global level. An artist will be assessed based on the following requirements:

Does the artist/designer have an official website showcasing a portfolio of works?
Does the artist/designer have professionally-taken, high-resolution images of their work?
Does the artist/designer have an established artistic practice or studio)? This includes past participation in artists residencies, exhibitions, and/or art awards.
Did the artist attend art school or hold a degree in visual arts? Not a prerequisite but good to know!
Does the artist’s works have a clear concept and demonstrate strong technical skill?

The list above is not exhaustive, nor does every artist need to satisfy all the requirements, although artists that are able to demonstrate their experience and art practice will be at an advantage during the selection process.
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