Please make sure your images fulfil the following requirements:

Please use high-resolution images. We recommend that the images that have a minimum of 1200px on the longer side and 72 dpi.
Images should either be in a JPEG or PNG file format, up to 10MB.
Images of your work must be sharp and in-focus and show the full artworks or design item.
The dimensions must be accurate.
The artwork has to be well-cropped and centred.
The first image should show the full artwork only without any backgrounds, walls, or borders that are not part of the artwork.
You may include maximum of 1 interior shot (note that interior images are not mandatory).
The image should be of the actual product, and not a render. We do not accept prototypes at this time.
If the artwork comes with a frame, the first image should show the full framed artwork.
Please write the sizes of the artwork both with & without the frame in the Item Description section.
An artwork is considered framed if it is sold with a frame around it.


For Design Products:
If you have a product that comes in different colours, please list each colour as a separate listing.
The first image should show the product being listed only (without additional products). The secondary images can include images that feature other products.
If the product comes in a set, please state the dimensions of each piece in the description. The first image should show all the pieces in the set.
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