We have a variety of artwork types listed on theartling.com, from Limited Edition Prints to Open Edition Prints. Open Edition Prints come in a variety of materials that you can choose from, you can see below for further information:

Acrylic Prints:
An Acrylic Print takes an image printed onto photographic paper, and mounts it below a layer of clear plastic., This results in a completely flat mount and incredibly clear image.
The print will come with brackets for hanging, eliminating the need for traditional picture frames.

Acrylic Print. Image Courtesy of AVS Print

Acrylic Print bracket for mounting.

Aluminium Prints:
An Aluminium Print takes a printed image and mounts it on top of the surface of a 100% raw aluminum sheet. The aluminium sheet is thinner than an acrylic print, but heavier due to the material’s weight.

The print comes with brackets for hanging, meaning it does not require additional framing and comes ready-to-hang on your wall.

Aluminium Print. Image courtesy of Big Art and Banners.

Aluminum Print bracket for mounting.

Canvas Prints:
A Canvas Print is made by printing an artwork image directly onto a canvas surface. Once printed, the canvas gets stretched onto a wooden frame. The canvas print is made of cotton or polyester, and is water-resistant (although don’t go unnecessarily exposing your artwork to water!).

The print comes stretched on a wooden panel for hanging. However, You may want to add an exterior frame to your canvas print.

Canvas Print. Image Courtesy of AVS Print.

Canvas Print Options. Image Courtesy of AVS Print.

Paper Prints:
A Paper Print involves taking an artwork image and printing it with lightfast pigment inks on acid free archival papers. We offer two options:

Matt Paper Prints (Archival Print on SIHL 3315 smooth matte paper): Laminated with a matt finish, meaning that the paper produces no sheen or reflective properties and is resistant to smudging and imprints left by fingerprints.
Acid-free, smooth premium cotton paper for fine art prints is made exclusively from cotton fibres and has a smooth, velvety touch. This paper is extremely resistant and suitable for use with aqueous and latex inks. Creative Smooth Paper is the ideal media for art prints, reproductions, artistic photography and portraits. The natural colouring of the paper is like that of traditional artist paper.

General tips: To maintain quality, paper should be stored and converted under conditions of 30-65% relative humidity and at temperatures of 10-30°C.

Semi-Gloss Paper Prints (Archival Print on SIHL 3523 Baryta): Laminated with a gloss finish; a paper option with a coating that creates a shiny, reflective glossy finish.
Long durability, finest greyscale and deep rich blacks, as well as a unique haptic, are the properties that make baryta papers the preferred material of classic modern photo artists. Baryta Paper combines the authenticity of the traditional baryta paper with the advantages of modern inkjet media.

General tips: The ideal storage conditions are a relative humidity of 35 - 65% and temperatures of 10 - 30°C. Lamination is recommended to secure long-lasting unchanged image quality because catalytic processes initiated by atmospheric components deteriorate dye colours with time (not valid for pigments).We recommend that cotton gloves are worn to prevent the transfer of dirt, moisture and oils from the skin, as these can greatly impair the print quality.

Image of a Matt-Paper Print.

Paper prints will come either rolled or flat, depending on the size of the artwork, and will not be framed. Get in touch if you’d like us to get a quote for framing!
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