A perfect artwork description attracts buyers by giving them a thorough understanding of what you’re trying to achieve with your artwork. Consider the medium you used, what you were inspired by, and which artists were your inspirations behind the piece. A perfect artwork description constantly keeps the customer in mind and is aimed at telling them how this artwork came about.

While there is no set template or guideline you can follow in writing the perfect description, here are some pointers you should consider:

What genre does your art fall into? (E.g. Pop, surrealism, figurative, still life)
What techniques did you use to create this work? Describe to your audience how this work was made.
What inspired you to create this work? Perhaps a particular landscape or experience from a point in your life?
What does this work mean to you? Were there particular feelings you were trying to demonstrate or perhaps felt whilst making this piece?

Additional tips:
Make every sentence count. Your audience should feel more connected to your work and understand it more with each sentence.
Be succinct and straightforward. Similar to writing an artist biography, you do not want to overwhelm your audience! That being said, your artwork description could fall anywhere between a few sentences or paragraphs. There are no strict guidelines for how long an artwork description should be.
Every sentence should describe your art. Get rid of any sentence that does not have words that describe your art.
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