How Do I Submit An Artwork To Be Minted?
After you login to your Seller Portal, click on products. Under products, hover over Add New Product and click on NFTs.

Fill in your artwork information in each section.
When you're done, submit the artwork for approval for our review by clicking on the Submit for Approval button.

What file types can I upload?
There are two types of artwork files that you will be able to upload in your Seller Portal.
For the "Preview Image" section, we accept file types of JPGs, PNG, MP4, and GIFs.
For the "Artwork Image" section, we accept file types of JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4, and MOV.
*Please note that the artwork file you upload under the "Artwork Image" section will be taken as the final artwork file for minting in the event of a sale.
If the NFT is a video or GIF, please upload a video or GIF file for both the "Preview Image" and "Artwork File" sections.

What file sizes can I upload?
The maximum file size for each artwork upload is 1 GB. Please submit each artwork as a separate product listing.

How many NFTs can I upload?
Each artist can submit a total of 10 artworks. We are limiting the numbers of submissions to prevent an influx of submissions for this initial launch.
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