The pricing of your work is a very important aspect of your career as an artist. You should be able to clearly explain to anyone asking the reason for your artworks’ pricing.
Look at your peers’ artworks in similar media and see how your prices compare. Have your works been included in exhibitions before? Have you won art awards or prizes recently? Consider the cost of your materials. Is your artwork a Unique Work or an Editioned Work?
Lastly, make sure you include The Artling’s commission in the price you upload to the website. If you’re still unsure, get in touch with our team here who can provide further advice.

Tips: Using Keywords
When selling art online, it’s important to tell the story behind your work. What inspired you to create the piece? Include details on where the work has been exhibited previously. All this information helps the buyer understand more about you, the artist, as well as the work they are considering.
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