Fill in your address in your Seller Portal
This field can be found on the 'Account' page in your Seller Portal. We need this information to estimate shipping costs based on where you live.

If all your products are located where you are and have the same address, click on the 'Update All Products' button below the postal code field.

Opt in for drop shipping in your portal
This field can be found on the 'Account' page.

If your artworks are not located where you are, fill this in on the product form.
You can find these fields by clicking into each product in your Seller Portal.
As a default, the address you have entered under your 'Account' page will show up here.

Please note that artists who do not have their country and postal code filled in will not qualify for drop shipping. We highly recommend filling in your details to qualify for this shipment method, as having upfront shipping costs for the customer increases the likelihood of a sale.

Please note that this service is only available to artists at the moment. We only offer drop shipping for artworks that are shipped flat or rolled but are currently working to allow all items listed on The Artling to be eligible for drop shipping.

Click here for more details on the drop shipping process.
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