- Fill out your Artist Profile with as much information as you can. Have an artist biography that can be easily read and understood, with key details on your academic background and past exhibitions.

Getting Found
Once you start uploading your works, we recommend that you regularly update your Profile. Upload new works to the website, and mark unavailable works as Sold where relevant.

Promoting Your Profile
Share your Artling Artist Profile on your website or social media once published!

Social Media Marketing
The Artling has a strong following of art lovers across all our social media platforms. We will tag you where possible, and do also use the hashtag #theartling and tag us in your posts as well!

Getting Featured
The Artling Artzine regularly features our artists and designers. Send us press releases of upcoming exhibitions, or even images of you in your studio with your works to admin@theartling.com! We will then see how we can use these for our content.
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